IPD Facilities

IPD Facilities

IPD refers to the areas of the hospital where patients are accommodated after being admitted, based on doctors/specialist’s assessment, from the Emergency Services, Ambulatory Care, and Clinical/Specialty Outpatient Departments due to their presenting and emerging medical condition(s). Inpatients typically require a higher level of care and intensity of treatment, such as need for surgery, intensive medical, surgical or infection management, special observation and/or isolation, sustained therapy, or extensive testing.


IPD Admission procedure: Patient on the recommendation of the consultant approaches the IPD reception/ Registration Counter and after some basic formalities the patient is shifted to the admitted ward on allocated Bed number. All the available Laboratory investigations and Panchakarma procedures are charge separately to all the admitted patients.

Pathya (Diet): Patients admitted in the hospital are served the diet free of cost as prescribed by the consultant and under pathya system of the hospital.

Primary Emergency Care Unite: Primary Emergency Care Unit (PECU) is working round the clock for indoor patients. Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed by the Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine advised and supervised by modern consultant.