Vice-Chairmain Message

Joint Director - Mr. Jay Chandrakar

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”

Bharti Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital aims at awakening its students to the joy of discovery and positively impact lives. The twin oracles of providing a healing touch to the ill and stipulate highly attributed medical education keeps us constantly motivated. We seek to provide an environment for learning that produces medical graduates with the knowledge, attitudes, awareness and skills to ensure their competence in practice, and an enthusiasm for future vocational education in any field of medicine or health science.

We aim at equipping our graduates with the mastery of increasingly complex medical situations.

At Bharti Group we would like to focus on grooming young minds as the pillar of advancement of a nation & hope of the future. The members of a group aim to promote education and culture in all aspects in order to achieve and fulfill the mission statement that we believe in. We try to maintain academic standards which help our students to achieve remarkable and excellent results. At Bharti Group, we believe in humanity, discipline, punctuality, regularity. We nurture our students to become the world class professionals who can accomplish the affirmed purpose of our great President, Honorable Abdul Kalam, to build our Nation a "SUPER POWER"